Where is the love?

  • Record label

    Ifni Records

  • Release date

    mai 2023

Artist : Rachid Aseyakhe

Rachid Aseyakhe

Singer-Songwriter RaChid ASEYAKHE was born on May 11, 1985, in Sidi Ifni, Morocco.

RaChid grew up in a very musical family, his father was a bass & a guitar player who formed a band with his 3 uncles playing the 70/80’s music.

RaChid began singing at a very young age,his voice was spotted by his primary teachers while singing the children’s songs, after that he was always the lead singer in school parties & events. Rachid is also a Piano/keyboard player,started to learn how to play from the age of 14 with the helps of his musician friends. “Growing up performing from such a young age just got me so comfortable on stage & that’s where i belong to”.
Rachid said. Singing in Arabic, English, French & Spanish , Rachid have a very large repertoire of international hits in all kinds of music that allowed him to travel & sing around the world.


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